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An isolated world, off the star charts of an interstellar empire. Left to evolve over millenia, a home to exiles...

One of the Federation’s darker secrets is Bourea, a world with the sole purpose of permanently housing all those that have offended the degenerate interstellar empire. There are no warders – just the gravity well of the planet itself acts to keep the inmates in. Over the millennium of its existence as the Federation’s human dumping ground, a thriving mix of cultures and distinct nations has arisen on the isolated world.

Penn Loqq, darling to billions as a famous network chat-show host, wakes up on Bourea in the medieval-like kingdom of Hybernia. He quickly regains his memory, learning of the “crime” that caused him to be sent there, but soon discovers something much more disturbing. The hidden prison world itself has a secret, one that extends back to before the Federation even existed. The trail that unfolds brings Penn to question not just who is really in control of the Federation, but who he really is. The answer ends up being far deeper than the once shallow television personality could possibly imagine.

The World Is Your Prison is an double-length epic tale set across a galaxy of space opera and fantasy, from Writers Of The Future Semi-Finalist B.J.Ranson

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