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At the end of time, a desperate band of humans struggle to hold onto life in the ancient, dying galaxy...

Trillions of years into the future, the universe is dying. A single dwarf star remains, alone amidst the dark ruins of the galaxy. Surrounding this star is an artificial ring world, built by unknown hands in a far distant past. Zee9 wakes into this world, having slumbered for innumerable millennia in the confines of an artificial reality. With a small band of associates he then sets out to discover the identity of himself and the amnesiac race that he finds himself a part of. Why, after all this time, did they wake up? And how did they come to be on this strange world at the end of time?

Mannequin provides a unique study of human reactions to deep memory and the occupation of consciousness within artificially created bodies as well as simulated realities. These human elements are blended into a world engineered on an astronomical scale, where far future computer technology competes with a dying universe determined by the inevitable wheel of entropy.

Mannequin is the sensational new science-fiction novel from Writers Of The Future Semi-Finalist B.J.Ranson

"This is one of the best books I've read in a long time ... This is a hardcore book exploring the end of the galaxy trillions of years from now. The story of the 9's and their journey on an artificial ring world is not to be missed. I wish I was a better writer and I could explain to you how fantastic I found this book and how much I look forward to a sequel. Kudos to the Author."

- S. Sayers, Florida

"This was just full of mystery and action. A must read for any science fiction fan. A very imaginative view of the ultra far future."

- Brian, Massachussets

"This was a combination of Larry Niven and Stephen Baxter for both obvious and unobvious reasons. The characters are excellent, the setting a beautiful and horrible at the same time. The sense of desolation from trillions of years in the future is palpable. This book was so good that I was compelled to write my first review, ever. What a work of art!"

- Erik A.

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